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Elevators & Lifts

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   Our Elevator & lift installers are qualified to perform all required maintenance & 
   service on the units we install.

   Below we feature both Residential and Commercial grade elevator and lift options.
   The images provided are meant to demonstrate how easy it is to customize each
   lift for your installation project.

   Each elevator and/or lift can blend beautifully into both the design and style of
   your home or business




Family 1st Medical partners with Ram, a trusted residential and commercial elevator & lift manufacturer.

Residential Elevator: Stratus & Crystal™

elevator200pxAll RAM CRYSTAL™ elevators are custom-built to suit your home. Units are built according to the space available in your home. We customize your home elevator to fit your completed shaft construction, ensuring smooth installation every time. CRYSTAL™ carriages can be finished in a wide range of colors and styles to match or compliment any décor.

Residential Elevator Capacity

0 - 50' of Travel
Up to 1400 lb capacity
Customized to fit your building

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Residential Wheelchair Lifts: Trust-Τ-Lift™

residential lifts200px

If you have difficulty using stairs, or use a wheelchair or mobility scooter, then installing a Wheelchair Lift is a great way to ensure safety and convenience every time you enter and exit your home. Vertical platform lifts are used to overcome differences in height which prohibit the use of a wheelchair or scooter.

A vertical platform or porch lift provides an attractive and practical solution for making your home accessible for a wheelchair user. Alternatively, installing a ramp necessitates large amounts of time and money to build and uses more space than the simple and inexpensive wheelchair lift. 

When installed indoors a Wheelchair Lift offers an affordable alternative to residential elevators. A wheelchair lift can be customized to accommodate new or existing buildings with little or no modification.

Independent mobility is your connection to the rest of the world. It allows you to remain active, improving your quality of life. It's your personal freedom, and that is important to us… that is our job… that is Trus-T-Lift.

Residential Lift Capacity

Travel up to 14"
Maximum weight of 750 lbs
Interior or Exterior application

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Commercial Lifts installed by Family 1st Medical

For Commercial Elevators and Lifts, Family 1st relies on the most trusted manufacturers. Specifications for commercial elevators & lifts are identical to the residential models manufactured by Ram, the only difference is in their application. Images below will help you familiarize with the types of commercial elevator and lift applications Family 1st installs.

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Looking for an install or more information?

Looking to install a residential or commercial wheelchair lift or elevator or for more information? Give Devin Oliver a call at 1-902-863-8178 or send him an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.